Profil Institute believes in the synergy and limitless potential of successful teamwork. We foster an environment that respects employees’ talents and creativity and maintains a culture that encourages the highest ethical standards, positiveness and a sense of community. We value the diversity that our employees bring to the company and are an equal opportunity employer committed to non-discriminatory practices in all respects.

San Diego SHRM Medallion Winner 2011In 2011 Profil Institute was awarded the prestigious Medallion Workplace Excellence Award for its exceptional employee relations practices by the San Diego Society for Human Resources Management.

Denon Alderson

“The synergy of our team makes work an inspiration.”

Denon Alderson, Manager of Recruitment and Screening

Zach Anton

“Barely a day goes by that I don’t hear an employee or supervisor give out credit and kudos for a job well done.”

Zach Anton, IT Coordinator

Steven Nobles

“With many of our employees and family members being affected by diabetes, we have a vested interest in giving 110% everyday. It’s not just a job, we’re fighting for a cure for ourselves and our loved ones.”

Steven Nobles, Clinical Project Manager Assistant